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Packaging Solutions

Tea, no matter how it’s brewed, is a blessing in a cup! 
BG Tea believes that the essence of the tea is its blend and aroma that tickles the nostrils. One of the factors involved in sustaining the quality and aroma of the tea leaves is it’s thoughtful packaging.
We as a company give a lot of importance to providing a viable packaging option to our customers. We ensure that our packaging solutions are customizable and guaranteed with assurance that the product shall reach the end user with absolute freshness and aroma.
The customisation includes the company branding (if the consumer requires), size of the product, quality of packaging and the blending of the tea leaves.
We offer Private Label Packaging for Your Brands.

Along with the attractive look there is a lot more to the pyramid tea bags, the structure of it allows more water to flow into the bag and interact with the tea leaves which in turn results in a more concentrated flavour mix into your cup. The structure also permits a faster brewing process. It can be very conveniently stated that this innovation serves as a middle ground to the never ending debate of which is better, tea leaves or tea bags.

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Packaging Types

Double chamber tea bags are somewhat similar to single chambered tea bags apart from the feature that the double chambered tea bag has a tunnel in between that makes it more efficient for the tea flavours to pass by. We offer our customers with both the options to choose from, as per their convenience.

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The packaging option for the tea sacks have been very carefully designed keeping the customer satisfaction in mind. These paper tea sacks have an inner foil lining to seal in the freshness of the tea and protect the tea leaves from external moisture. There are two sizes available in the tea sacks, the small tea sacks have a capacity of 10-15 Kg. while the large ones have a capacity of 20-25 Kg. This type of packaging option is used for our bulk orders.

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Tea pouches these are easy to carry pouches which are available in two size options. The small one hold up to 150 gm while the large one hold 250-500gm.

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We offer standard corrugated boxes fully printed in 3 Ply, 5 Ply, 7 Ply options with various thicknesses ranging from B-Flute to E-Flute to protect the long tea leaves from being getting squashed and harmed during transport and storage.

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Tea tins and caddies These elegantly designed tin boxes are among the most popular packaging options. As this serves best for gifting purpose. There are two sizes available in these boxes, the small ones can hold up to 150gm of tea while the big ones can hold up to 250gm of loose tea.

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These tea boxes help in sustaining the freshness of the tea bags and enhances it’s shelf-life. We have two sizes available for our customers. The smaller ones hold up to 20-50 tea bag envelopes whereas the bigger boxes can hold up to 50-100 tea bags.  

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